IRGAN MEHR Company is a private joint stock company, active in 3 major business lines: (I) International Business Development, (II) Building Material and (III) Property Development, Construction and Renovation. In the first line, Irgan had been cooperating with high-profile international companies such as Anas International Enterprise, Bouygues Construction SA, Accor group, just before recent major changes in the country’s international business ecosystem.

In the second business line, the major activities are in lift industry in which we offer our EPC(F) proposals in cooperation with world-class Chinese and premium European companies including Xizi Elevator Group (Otis USA OEM and strategic partner/China), SWORD (China), WITTUR (Germany) and RALOE (Spain).

Regarding the new conditions of Iran El&Es market, at the present, here in Irgan we have developed new business model based on local production of Car and Controller system, in cooperation and partnership with well-experienced local manufacturers and soon we will develop our new factory under the license of international premium brands in order to set up an export-oriented and knowledge base production line.
While Irgan is taking advantage of Sadr Pars Financial Group support and sponsorship, our group key drivers include a Professional Renowned Team, Strong Financial Backbone, Profound Understanding of Real – estate Market, International Experience and Balanced Total Solution Approach.

In balanced total solution, Irgan do her best to go far from the traditional product seller approach and be a solution provider. Our balanced total solution consists of 3 major factors, 3Gs: Good Financial Solution, Good Technical Services Solution and finally Good product Solution. Irgan’s core values consist of Trust, Integrity, Thinking Big, Excellence and Ambidexterity.

At the heart of our talent management system is a “competency model” that guide our people decisions. Our recruitment practices, training and development areas, performance management templates and compensation and benefits rules are all guided by our competency model. Our approach to competency modeling is simple but very powerful as we define our company level competency according to our vision, strategies, business environments, and industry standards.


Irgan’s key clients include:


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Armitaj Project

11, Sep, 2016

Armitaj Project


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