What distinguished opportunities are Ati Mehr looking for?

– The need for offering to customers who has trusted us with complete basket.

– The need for efficient technical support and after-sale services.

– The need for R&D.

In order to satisfy the need for efficient technical support and after-sale services we have hired the best engineers who are at the top level and have the experience in well-known companies in the industry. Our mission is having one of the best technical departments in Iran elevator industry.

In order to satisfy the need for R&D and new product development we are the first company in Iran elevator industry granting knowledge-based company certificate as we have inventions in maintenance facilities. As our group companies has sold more than 500 escalators and supply efficient services is vital, here in Ati Mehr, our R&D invented device which in comparison with similar devices in market is 3 times cheaper with higher efficiency and longer durability. Now we have signed the contract with Tehran subway in order to produce 10 units of the device. We are continuing our R&D activities by establishing the new specialized department and have signed the agreement with Iran University of Science and Technology, which ranks among 5 top Iranian universities of technology, in order to jointly run research project in field of elevator and escalator.

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Armitaj Project

11, Sep, 2016

Armitaj Project


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